Think of this as a beta reader on crack.


I will comb through your manuscript and offer feedback on development aspects such as plot, character, and world building.

This option is comparable to a developmental or copy edit.

$500 USD (50,000 words or less)

$650 USD (over 50,000 words)


This is for the writer who has a completed or semi-completed outline and needs feedback before diving into the drafting stage of novel writing.

I will evaluate your outline and provide notes on areas of improvement to ensure your novel will hit the standard story beats while standing apart from the sea of manuscripts being published every day.

$300 USD Flat Rate


Is your manuscript completed, edited, and almost ready to go?

Let me give it one last look to ensure it's free of pesky spelling and grammar errors before you send it into the literary world.

$425 USD Flat Rate

(100,000 words or less)

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