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$0.012 USD/word

(Example: 50,000 words x $0.012 USD/word = $600 USD)

I will read your manuscript and offer detailed feedback on developmental aspects such as:

- plot structure

- pacing

- character development

- world building

- scene setting

- conflict

You will receive an annotated copy of your manuscript as well as a comprehensive edit letter to assist with your revisions.​

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking to hold your spot in my schedule. 

All invoices are charged a 4% PayPal invoice fee.

Photo 2020-10-18, 7 04 57 PM.jpg
Photo 2020-10-18, 7 04 57 PM.jpg


I have years of experience in fiction writing and editing. With a background in law and administration, I have a sharp eye for detail and the professional experience and education to back it up.

I will work with most genres, though paranormal and dark romance are some of my favorites! I may not be the best fit for middle grade, historical, or Christian fiction. I do not accept non-fiction.

Let's chat and see if I'm a good fit for your project!


Send me a message or email to discuss your project and request a complimentary sample edit!


Please include: genre, word count, and any other details you'd like to provide (i.e. deadlines, release day, etc.).


I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for submitting!


"It can be so hard to find an editor who's truly passionate about your work, but working with Jessi was a dream! I felt so much more confident about my manuscript after her edits, and loved that she was willing to brainstorm things out with me if needed. My work as a whole definitely benefited from the critique, and I loved how professional and helpful the feedback was. I can't wait to work with her again!" ~ Sarah Sutton

"Jessi has been amazing. As a first-time client I was nervous but right from the start she was professional and kept up communication. She truly goes above and beyond and has delivered in fantastic time. I 100% recommend her." ~Tabitha Harding-Chestney

"Jessi was a tremendous asset to polishing my latest novel. Not just polishing. But scrubbing. Combing. Trimming. It wasn't a total makeover, but that's how good editing feels. It takes your story from making you think "okay, this is a pretty good story" to shouting at the nearest stranger about it. I would absolutely recommend her editing services, and I look forward to working with her again!" ~Vivien Reis

"Outlines not being my strong point, working with Jessi made the process easier as she reads through the outline and provides you with comments and suggestions in the document as well as an overall comment. Jessi's suggestions and insight into my novel helped smooth out my plot, while looking at pacing and structure." ~Ellouise Liston

"Jessi was very thorough when proofreading my manuscript and as a first time client, I am very pleased with the service provided. Definitely recommend her services!" ~Kahilah Harry 

"I’d give Jessi a six-star review if I could! Jessi blew my mind with her notes and delivery time. The communication and professionalism she presented exceeded my expectations by a mile. Not only were her notes thorough, but she also offered fast, well thought out answers when I had questions. I will definitely be coming back to Jessi with future stories." ~Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

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