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Twisted Desire

Book 3 of The Twisted Series


Humans are killing fae.


I was put in charge of stopping The Experiment before they wipe out our kind, and I’d rather take my chances alone than work alongside Nikolai Sterling.


This is not what I signed up for when I stepped into the role of fae leader. 


Nikolai is arrogant, charming, and a thorough pain in my ass. He knows exactly how to make my heart race, which infuriates me to no end. What infuriates me more is how much I secretly like it.


But I can’t cross that line. Can’t let him get close. 


Not when the growing attraction I feel for a man who drives me nuts isn’t my biggest problem—The Experiment is. They want the fae dead, and I’ll die to stop that from happening.


Maybe that will keep Nikolai from discovering secrets I need to keep buried.


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