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Taken by the Fae

City of Fae, Book 1


Aurora thought the worst that could happen after being dragged to a college party was a wicked hangover…

Until she is taken captive by a knight of the seelie court.

Despite the circumstances that brought them together, Aurora can’t deny the pull she feels toward the fae knight, Tristan, even when the growing attraction terrifies her.

As tensions rise between the fae, Tristan’s enemies from the unseelie court target Aurora, tangling her in their web of trickery and deception.

And after she makes a choice that changes everything, Aurora must work with unlikely allies, those she previously believed only existed in fiction, all while navigating her place in the fae world and trying not to lose her heart in the process.

Taken by the Fae was previously published as Twisted Fate and Twisted Gift. It is the first book in the City of Fae series, a steamy fae romance perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, K.F. Breene, Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti.

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