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Twisted Fate

Book 1 of The Twisted Series


Capturing the attention of a dangerously sexy fae leader was never part of my plan.


I wanted to finish college, get a job, and maybe find a nice guy to date.


Instead, I end up forced to work alongside the very fae who gets under my skin like no man ever has. I can’t stand him, but I also can’t deny the tension that ignites whenever he’s close.


After surviving my run-in with the fae, I planned to go back to my perfectly mapped future and forget they existed. Silly me, I should have known that silver-tongued Tristan wouldn’t leave me alone.


And maybe I don’t want him to.


But when my brother falls ill to a sickness not even fae magic can cure, none of my plans matter anymore. And before I have a moment to catch my breath, both my life and my heart are put in danger when Tristan’s fae nemesis emerges and forces me to make a terrible choice.


One I don’t know I’ll survive.


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